New Laws Effective September 1, 2017
Criminal Law:
First Offenders who received deferred adjudication, probation, paid a fine or even
served some jail time for most misdemeanors can now get their criminal history partially
sealed. For representation, call Teana V. Watson.
Employment Law:
The Trump Administration has blocked a move that was placed forward by the Obama
administration that required employers to pay overtime to employees earning under
$47,000 per year. The current Trump supported law allows employers to pay employees
overtime if the employees’ earnings are under $23,500. For representation, call
Hessam Parzivand.
Client Victories
Over the past nine months, Attorney Teana V. Watson has been able to work out the
following dispositions favorable for adult and juvenile clients:
State vs. WC Assault Family Member (Dismissed)
State vs. DK DWI (Reduced to Reckless Conduct)
State vs. LM Possession of Marijuana (Dismissed)
State vs. DR DWI (Dismissed)

State vs. VT Tamper/Fabricate Evidence (Dismissed)

State vs. DV Deadly Conduct (Reduced to Class C, Disorderly Conduct)

State vs. YW Abandon Child (Dismissed)

State vs. MW Accident/Damage to Vehicle (Dismissed)

State vs. KZ Aggravated Assault (Dismissed, No Billed by Grand Jury)

Attorney Hessam Parzivand celebrated a long awaited victory in a case that remained
on appeal for over two years. A Judge had ruled that his employee did not deserve
protection under the law he sued under, because he was located at Bagram Air Base
in Afghanistan. Parzivand appealed the decision and a panel of appellate judges
found that the law in question, Sarbanes-Oxley applied outside of the United States
to the whistleblower actions of his client. In achieving this victory, the firm
opened the door for protecting thousands of whistleblowers who work for publicly
traded companies abroad.

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